Market Rasen Club has started its 12th Season of League Fixtures.

Grimsby & Cleethorpes Leaque Previous Results

Market Rasen Table Tennis Club currently runs 3 teams in the Lincoln League: 2 teams in the First Division and 1 in the Second Division. 

Lincoln Archive Previous Results Season 2013/2014  2014/2015  2015/2016 

Lincoln League Fixtures and Results so far Link:-

                                  2015/2016 Mkt Rasen RACERS Division 1

Team members :-  Cpt Lesley Keast 86.67%,  James Keast 38.89 %, Nicholas Keast 80%, Marilyn Bawden 31.35 %

Dominic Batey 16.67%   SylviaTyler 6.67% 

Dominic Batey 16.67%   SylviaTyler 6.67%                                       

  Position  2015/16, 2ND out of 12                               

                                                       2016/17 League Table 3rd:-

Cpt Lesley Keast 91.23%,

Marilyn Bawden, 33.33%, Jack Bradley 58.33%              

Dominic Batey 9.52%, Sylvia Tyler 33.33%

2017/18 League Table 3rd :-  Cpt Lesley Keast 87.18%,

Marilyn Bawden 45.45%, Jack Bradley 56.86%, Graham Lacey 61.90% Jacob Bennett 16.67%. Sylvia Tyler 33.33%

2018/19 League Table 5th:- Cpt:- Sylvia Tyler 0%, Lesley Keast, 88.67%  Marilyn Bawden 50%   Jack Bradley 53.33%

 Wed 3rd OctACrusaders Psycho-delicsW1-9
Tues 9th OctHCrusaders OlympiansL3-7
Tues 16th OctHCrusaders SlappersD5-5
Tues 23rd OctACrusaders SpinnersW4-6
 Tues 30th OctHCrusaders Big HittersL3-7
 Mon 5th NovACrusaders B L7-3
Tues 13th NovHCrusaders AW6-4
Mon 19th NovASt Peters AW4-6
Tues 27th NovHMarket Rasen WarriorsW8-2
Mon 3rd Dec
Mon 10th Dec
Mon 17th Dec
Mon 24th Dec    
Mon 31st Dec
Tues 8th JanHCrusaders Psycho-delicsW7-2
Tues 15th Jan ACrusaders OlympiansL7-3
Tues 22nd JanACrusaders SlappersW1-9
 Mon 29th Jan       Free Week  
Tues 5th JanH Crusaders SpinnersW8-2
Tues 12th FebACrusaders Big Hitters1-9    
Tues 19th FebHCrusaders  BL2-8
Mon  25th FebACrusaders AL6-4
Tues 5th MarchHSt Peters AW8-2
Thurs 14th MarchAMarket Rasen WarriorsW2-8    
Lincoln 1st Division_ Position 3rd                DATE        2019/2020 SEASONH/ARacers Lesley Keast 94.44%Cloe Lingard 78.79%Jack Bradley 75% Graham Lacey 53.33%Marilyn  Bawden 33.33%Mike Tindall 33.33% RSylia Tyler 0% R                    TEAMS W/L/DRESULT
 Thurs 3rd OctHCrusaders SlappersW7-3
Tues 8th OctACrusaders OlympiansL8-2
Thurs 17th OctHRSSC AW8-2
Mon 21st OctASt Peters AW3-6
 Mon 28th OctWILSON CUP
Thurs 7th Nov  HCrusaders Big HittersW6-4
Thurs 14th Nov  HCrusaders BW8-2
Tues 19th NovASpinnersW0-10
Thurs 28th NovHCrusaders AL0-10
Mon 2nd Dec
Mon 9th Dec
Mon 16th Dec
 Mon 23rd Dec    
Mon 30th Dec
Mon 6th Jan             Competitions
Wed 15th Jan ACrusaders Psycho-delicsW0-10
Tues 21st JanACrusaders SlappersW4-6
Mon 27th Jan              WILSON CUP  
Thurs 6th FebHCrusaders OlympionsL4-6
Tues 11th FebARSSC AW3-7   
Thurs 20th FebHSt Peters AD5-5
Tues  25th FebACrusaders Big HittersW4-6
Mon 2nd MarchACrusaders BD5-5
Thurs 12 MarchHSpinnersL4-6
Thurs 19 March  ACrusaders A
Thurs 26 March  HPsycho-delics

 Lincoln Archive Previous Results

Lincoln League Fixtures and Results so far Link:-

                                            2015/2016 Mkt Rasen WARRIORS Division 1

Team Members :- Cpt Michael Tindall, 27.78% Graham Lacey 72.22%, Anthony Tindall 68.52%,                                                         Roy Ellis, 12.12%     Jack Bradley 50% Sylvia Tyler 0%

                                         Position  2015/16, 8th out of 12 on Leaque Table 

         2016/17 League Table  6th :-Cpt Michael Tindall 18.18%, Graham Lacey  37.50% Anthony Tindall 50%  Dave Heppenstall 94.11%, Roy Ellis 12.5%

        2017/18 League Table   6th:- Cpt Michael Tindall 33.33%. Anthony Tindall 66% Roy Ellis 18.18%, David Heppenstall 84.85%, Sylvia Tyler 66.67% 

       2018/19  League Table  12th:- Cpt Michael Tindall 21.57% Roy Ellis 7.14% Steve Naylor 8.33%  Jacob Bennett 38.46%, Derek Fuller 16.67%

Tues 2nd OctA Crusaders OlympiansL0-10
Thurs 11h OctHCrusaders SpinnersL4-6
Mon 15th OctA Crusaders BL8-2
Thurs 25th OctHSt Peters AD5-5
 Wed 31st OctACrusaders Psycho-delicsL6-4
Thurs 8th NovHCrusaders SlappersL2-8
Tues 13th NovACrusaders Big HittersL10-0
Thurs 22ndNovHCrusaders AL0-10
 Tues 27th NovAMarket Rasen RacersL8-2
Mon 3rd Dec Wilson CupM Tindall, J Bennett, S TylerAA Crusaders BJan 29      Psyocho-delicsWL 352-37   
   Mon 10th Dec
    Mon 17th Dec
    Mon 24th Dec
    Mon 31st Dec
Thurs 10th Jan 2019HCrusaders OlympiansL0-10
 Tues 15th JanACrusaders SpinnersL8-2
Thurs 24th JanHCrusaders BL0-10
Mon 29th Jan    Free Week  
Mon 4th FebASt Peters AL  9-1
Thurs 14th FebHCrusaders Psycho-delicsW7-3
Tues 19th FebACrusaders SlappersL7-3
Thurs 28th FebHCrusaders Big HittersL1-9
Mon 4th MarchACrusaders A0-10
Thurs 14th MarchHMarket Rasen RacersL2-8 
Lincoln 2nd Division Position 1st                    DATE          2019/2020 SEASON  
Warriors Cpt, Mick Tindall 88.89%  Roy Ellis 87.1% Derek Fuller 87.50% Tom Carter 33%  Steve Naylor 83.33%  Charles Carter 50%                      TEAMS  W/L/D RESULT 
Tues 1st OctA RSSCBD5-5
Thurs 10th OctHMisfitsW8-2
Thurs 17th OctH St Peters BW10-0
Wed 23rd OctALivelybirdsW4-6
 Mon 28th OctWILSON CUP
Thurs 7th NovHPing MonstersW10-0
Tues 12th NovAMR TigersW2-8
Thurs 21st NovHBlade RunnersW8-2
Thurs 28th NovA Crusaders CW1-9
   Mon 2nd Dec    
   Mon 9th Dec
    Mon 16th Dec
    Mon 23rd Dec
    Mon 30th Dec
  Mon 6th Jan  Competition
Thurs 16th JanHAlso RansW7-3
Thurs 23rd JanHRSSCBW9-1
 Mon 27th Jan WILSONCUP  
Wed 5th FebAMisfits0-10
Thurs 13th FebASt Peters BW1-9
Thurs 20th FebHLively BirdsW9-1
Thurs 27th FebAPing MonstersW0-10
Thurs 5th MarchHMarket Rasen TigersW10-0
Thurs 12 MarchABlade RunnersW0-10
Thurs 19 MarchHCrusaders C    
Thurs 26 MarchAAlso Rans

 Lincoln Archive  Previous Results

  Lincoln League Fixtures and Results so far Link:-

                              2015/2016 Mkt Rasen TIGERS Division 2

Team Members: Sylvia Tyler Cpt 63.33%, Steve Naylor 50%, Daniel Cox 43.33%, George Tyler % Dominic Batey43.33%, Ryan Hinson 39.39%                                                      Position  2015/16 7th out of 10 on Leaque Table 

      2016/17 League Table 4th :- Cpt Sylvia Tyler 76.19%, Steve Naylor 72.22%,  Jacob Bennett 71.79%, Daniel Cox 53.33%, Ryan Hinson 30.30%

    2017/18 League Table 2nd :- Cpt Sylvia Tyler 70%, Steve Naylor 54.13%  Jacob Bennett 92.16% Ryan Hinson 37,50%, James Naseby 54.55%

     2018/19  League Table  7th :- Cpt Sylvia Tyler 62.50%, Henry James 6.67%, Tom Weeks 13.33%. James Sykes 8.33% James Naseby 33.33% William Naseby 0%    Derek Fuller 91.67% 

Tues  2nd OctH Crusaders Blade RunnersL0-10
Wed 10th OctACrusaders MisfitsD5-5
Tues 16th OctHCrusaders Lively BirdsL4-6
Tues 23rd OctARSSCAL9-1
Tues 30th OctHSt Peters BL4-6
Tues 6th NovH  RSSCBL4-6
Thurs 15th NovA Crusaders CL8-2
Tues 20th NovHCrusaders Also RansL2-8
Mon 26th NovFree Week
Dec 3th  
Dec 10th    
Dec 17th    
Dec 24th    
Dec 31st    
Thurs 10th Jan ACrusaders Blade RunnersL8-2
Tue 15th Jan HCrusaders MisfitsL4-6
Wed 23rd JanACrusaders Lively BirdsL7-3
Mon 29th Jan    Free Week  
Tues 5th FebHRSCCAL3-7
Thurs 14th FebASt Peters BL6-4
Tues 19th FebARSSCBD5-5
Thurs 26th FebHCrusaders CW  7-3
Thurs 7th MarchACrusaders Also RansW4-6
Mon11th MarchFree Week
Lincoln 2nd Division Position 8th                    DATE          2019/2020 SEASON  
TIGERS Cpt, Sylvia Tyler 64.58%  Henry James,23.68%
Tom Carter 18.18%
William Naseby 0% Charles Carter 100%                      TEAMS  
Tues 1st OctH Ping MonstersD5-5
Thurs 10th OctABlade RunnersL10-0
Tues 15th OctH Also RansD5-5
Wed 23rd OctAMisfitsL7-3
 Mon 28th OctWILSON CUP
Tues 5th NovHLively BirdsW8-2
   Tues 12th NovHMR WarriorsL2-8
   Thurs 21st NovA Crusaders CL8-2
    Tues 26th NovH RSSC BL1-9
   Mon 2nd Dec    
   Mon 9th Dec
    Mon 16th Dec
    Mon 23rd Dec
    Mon 30th Dec
  Mon 6th Jan  Competitions
  Thurs 16th JanASt Peters BL7-3
  Thurs 23rd JanAPing MonstersW2-8
 Mon 27th Jan                WILSONCUP  
Tues 4th FebHBlade RunnersL  1-9
Thurs 13th FebAAlso Rans8-2 
Tues 18th FebHMisfitsL4-6
Wed 26th FebALively BirdsW2-8
Thurs 5th MarchAMarket Rasen WarriorsL10-0 
Tues 10th MarchHCrusaders CL3-7
 Tues 17th MarchARSSC B    
Tues 24th MarchH St Peters B

 Use the hyperlink below to see other fixtures, results to date and current averages. 


   We meet Fridays,Temporarily Closed for practice at :-                                      Faldingworth Memorial Hall LN8 3SE                              
  Adults £3 per session  + Membership £10 per year. Juniors £3 per session+ £10 Membership per year Come along you might even want to play league table tennis.For more details contact Sylvia Tyler on 01673 843655

Last month a Market Rasen team competed at Wolverhampton in the prestigious Junior British League (a National event) Division 4b! In their first season, Liam Rowson, Henry McTernan and Ben Anderson acquitted themselves admirably to finish in 3rd place in the division.   The division was keenly fought throughout the 2 week-ends (10 matches played). Our team drew 6 matches, two of which were against the 1st and 2nd place teams.


The following table shows the finishing position of Market Rasen Racers in the prestigious Junior British League. To finish in 3rd position in our first season was a great boost for our team. Every match in the division was hard, as all the teams were very strong in depth and any team could win on their day. Our three players Henry McTernan, Liam Rowson and Ben Anderson all performed admirably and stuck it out to the bitter end.   They worked well as a team and with added strength next year may even aspire to the higher divisions. Rasen Racers will be there to compete next year you can be sure. As you can see by the results we drew no fewer than 6 matches, a fine line between winning and losing, drawing with both of the 1st and 2nd place teams on one occasion.

Please remember the Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Disrtict TT Championships to be held on the 27th March. There is an additional competition, not on the entry form, the Ken Chesman Memorial Trophy for those knocked out at the group stages of the Men’s and Ladies single competitions. 

TeamPlayed Won Draw Lost F A Pts
WOODFIED1064039 2116
BYNG HALL104333525 11
MR RACERS10233232710
AEL-Y BRYN1033429319

Please see attached entry form:http://www.marketrasentabletennisclub.com/GYCLOSED2011.xls

Please also see the attached competition schedule for events at Clee Fields:

http://www.marketrasentabletennisclub.com/TT COMPETITION DATES.xls 

Results of the Lincolnshire County Closed Championships are as follows:

Junior BoysPeter ClaxtonBen Anderson
Under 30Paul JohnsonSean Ward
Veteran WomenLesley KeastDorothy Fuller
Veteran MenAndy WignallMark Donoghue
Womens DoublesLesley Keast &Alkisti OlympiouHannah Winfield &Emily Roys
Mens DoublesAndy Wignall &Mark DonoghueAndy Kelly &Mick Thornley
Mens SinglesPaul JohnsonMark Donoghue
Womens SinglesLesley KeastHannah Winfield
League SinglesDan RimmerMick Dudman
Mixed DoublesMark Donoghue &Alkisti OlymiouAndy Wignall &Lesley Keast

 Latest News Stories:

JUNIOR NATIONAL LEAGUE – 2010/11 – Sunday 23rd January 2011 – 3rd Weekend of Competition

Click on the link below to see the official results after the third weekend:

JUNIOR NATIONAL LEAGUE – 2010/11 – Sunday 20th March 2011 – 4th and final Weekend of Competition

Click on the link below to see the official results after the final weekend:

DAY 4Sunday 20th March 2011 
ROUND 1Rasen Warriors (A)5v4Rasen   Lions (B)
 Blitz A4v5Scunthorpe
ROUND 2Rasen   Lions (B)3v6Ancaster Falcons (A)
 Scunthorpe3v6Rasen Warriors (A)
ROUND 3Ancaster Falcons (A)6v3Blitz A
 Scunthorpe4v5Rasen   Lions (B)
ROUND 4Rasen Warriors (A)5v4Blitz A
 Ancaster Falcons (A)6v3Scunthorpe
ROUND 5Blitz A8v1Rasen   Lions (B)
 Rasen Warriors (A)5 4Ancaster Falcons (A)
DAY 4 Sunday 20th March 2011  
ROUND 1Lincoln8v1Belchford
 Blitz B9v0Rasen De Aston (C)
ROUND 2Belchford4v5Ancaster Eagles (B)
 Rasen De Aston (C)8 1Lincoln
ROUND 3Lincoln7v2Blitz B
 Ancaster Eagles (B)8v1Rasen De Aston (C)
ROUND 4Ancaster Eagles (B)4v5Blitz B
 Rasen De Aston (C)0v9Belchford
ROUND 5Blitz B7v2Belchford
 Lincoln5v4Ancaster Eagles (B)

Final Positions after  Day 4 

 playedMatchMatchSetsSetspts matchset
Div 1    won Lost wonlost ratioRatio
Ancaster Falcons (A)85022165947 2.2731.755
Rasen Warriors (A)841311501156 1.3231.304
Blitz A836361371273 1.0001.079
Rasen   Lions (B)832401141423 0.8000.803
Scunthorpe82151821701 0.4120.482
Div 2        
Lincoln85220170887 2.6001.932
Ancaster Eagles (B)84923165826 2.1302.012
Belchford834381211403 0.8950.864
Blitz B831411211413 0.7560.858
Rasen De Aston C81458571811 0.2410.315
JUNIOR NATIONAL LEAGUE – 2010/11 – Sunday 12th December 2010 – 2nd Weekend of Competition
Click on the link below to see the official results after the second weekend:
 http://www.marketrasentabletennisclub.com/MARKET RASEN JUNIOR LEAGUE official results 2010 day 2.doc